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We provide professional skincare devices with clinical tech you can use at home

So you can achieve serious skin improvements using proven treatments, instead of testing 10s of different creams

Start using skincare devices with clinical technology in your own home

So you can achieve serious skin improvements using proven treatments, instead of testing 10s of different creams

Your high tech beauty care

We know the struggle of being stuck in a cycle of buying, trying and ditching ineffective over-the-counter products. It can be discouraging when you’re still left with the same skin concerns but MicroPurify is a real alternative. We provide salon grade beauty devices you can use in the comfort of your own home to get near professional results – from microdermabrasion, to microneedling and LED light therapy machines. Check out our evidence based and highly rated collection.

Forever Smooth Pro

This home IPL hair removal device stops hair growing in just 8 weeks and stores over 900,000 flashes for long term permanent hair reduction.

sale price

£180 £99.99

LED Therapy Mask

This treatment delivers the same results as clinical peels, dermabrasion and laser resurfacing, except it comes with no side-effects and can be performed safely and easily at home.

Sale price

£90 £49.98

Clinical technology

You get powerful salon tech at a fraction of the cost

Evidence based products

You get proven treatments - not randomly formulated creams

Tested & highly rated

Only tested products are stocked, and only the highly rated can remain

For all shades & types

We celebrate diversity and provide products for all shades and ages

We've received 789 five star ratings and counting...

What our customers are saying

I bought this mask hoping it would work and I was very pleasantly surprised when it did! I’ve had a patch of freckles on my cheek since I got badly sunburnt almost 20 years ago - after a few uses of this mask it had noticeably reduced and after a few weeks the hypo-pigmentation I’ve had for two decades is greatly reduced and almost gone!
I've been using this device intermittently and it looks like a good one! I've got acne scars for over 10 years now and I can visibly see new skin formation over the scars after using this hydra needle! If you follow a proper regime I reckon it would do wonders!
Customer's Hydra Needles
When i originally bought this product, i was also looking at the Philips model which is highly expensive. I am glad i never bought the Philips model. £100 is still a lot of money but not when you compare it with the Philips. I use it on bar 5 when doing my legs and on 4 bars when doing my underarms. It is painless, you only get a little tingle under your arms so i reduced it to 4 bars. I highly recommend this product to others.
Customer photo of IPL device

What our customers are saying

A real alternative

“This is a chance to move away from constantly buying new beauty products that boast wonder ingredients like ‘with added charcoal’ or ‘CBD oil’ with little evidence base of effectiveness only to be left disappointed. Topical products alone often can’t get results, but use (or combine them) with clinical tech that’s researched and used by professional, and you’ll start to see real improvements. Even if OTC products like oils, serums, washes and masks haven’t worked for you, there’s finally hope.”

C.Holder – Founder

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful

Our triple-lock returns guarantee

30 days to return

Return your product for any reason with the product in a saleable condition and receive a full refund (not including the Hydra Needle).

90 day results or your money back

Use our products consistently for 3 months and if you don’t see results, get your money back, no hassle involved. Why 3 months? Because this is the amount of time it takes for your skin to renew, that’s why most products recommend you use it for this amount of time.

6 month warranty

Did you buy an electrical good that has malfunctioned before 6 months without any fault of your own? Contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Our commitments

Free shipping worldwide

We deliver across the world, free of charge, straight to your door. You can expect your order to be dispatched within 2 business days, and arrive within 2-6 weeks depending on where you are in the world.

Guidance on improving your skin

We’re not just about selling products; we’re about helping you improve your skin. That’s why we provide you with detailed guidance on how to use our devices.

Friendly customer support

Contact us 24/7 with any questions and get fast feedback from our UK customer support - no robots, just polite and helpful staff.

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