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Acne Targeting LED Light Therapy Mask




Calm inflamed pimples, clear active acne, prevent future breakouts and remove post-acne hyperpigmentation using LED light therapy at home – a research-backed and high end clinic treatment usually costing £500+, that’s proven to treat blemishes at all stages of acne development.

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Forever Smooth Pro




Halt your hair growth at home using IPL technology in just 8 weeks. This is the only home IPL device designed to give you full body hairlessness long term – and is for anyone looking for an alternative to paying thousands for laser hair removal.

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Advanced Microdermabrasion Exfoliator



This professional microdermabrasion device will reveal new, even-toned and textured skin, using its exfoliating surface and vacuum suction that effectively removes your dead skin cells. It’s a must have for people relying too much on chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin – which can lead to burns, irritation, breakouts and hyperpigmentation.

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Hydra Needle Serum Booster



If you have serums at home that aren’t working for you, you need this tool. This device is used by dermatologists to increase how much serum you absorb by 80%. With it, you can safely and effectively treat wrinkles, discolouration and acne scars fast from home.

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